Your First Visit | San Diego Integrative Spine Center



When you step into our office, our staff will greet you with a warm hello. We know there are lots of healthcare options to choose from, and we are happy you are here! We will have you check into the frontdesk and ensure all of your paperwork was filled out successfully. From there, we will guide you on a brief office tour and introduce you to our doctors, Dr. Chloe Lightner and Dr. Dan Spinato.



First, you will consult with the doctor and discuss your primary condition. We will go through your health history to learn more about your past and present challenges. This gives us an opportunity to understand the context of your condition and your health from a holistic point-of-view. 



Next, the doctor will perform an exam to determine where there are interferences in your nervous system. They will do a series of orthopedic and chiropractic tests to provide an accurate diagnosis. 


X-rays and other scans

Depending on your condition and the specific technique the doctor needs to address your condition, x-rays may be required. This helps us to create the best treatment plan for you. The doctor may also recommend a ZYTO scan (in-office) as a bio-survey for your body to gather more objective data. 


First Adjustment

Once finished with the consultation, examination and X-rays (if indicated), the doctor will review all the information they gathered. We will create a specific care plan unique to you. We will review your health goals and how chiropractic can help. Patients may either be treated at the first visit, or at the second visit depending on the recommended care plan. This may include spinal adjustments, physical therapies and/or nutritional support. Your first visit is comprehensive, but we will complete it within 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Your following visits | San Diego Integrative Spine Center


When you return for your second visit, the doctor will review everything again with you. The results from your scans, tests, and x-ray (if taken).  There will be time to ask questions, and really understand why your health and nervous system are so important. Regular visits will take around 10-15 minutes. Re-exam visits are performed again later depending on your recommended care plan. 


Our goal is to help recalibrate your body so it is balanced and aligned. When that happens, true healing and wellness takes place!